The Kingdom of Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country located in the Eastern Himalayas sharing a border with India and China. It is also known as Durk Yul or the Land of the Thunder Dragon. It has a population of over 780,000 people and territory of 38,394 square kilometers. It is a constitutional monarchy with Vajrayana Buddhism as its main religion. There are a few sections of the population who practice Hinduism and Christianity as well.

Bhutan  recently came into the limelight with its philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The concept of Gross National Happiness was brought forth by the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Kind Jigme Singye Wangchuck. In 2011, The UN General Assembly passed Resolution “Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development” urging member nations to follow the example of Bhutan and measure happiness and well-being and calling happiness a “fundamental human goal. In 2012, Bhutan’s then Prime Minister Jigme Thinley and the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the United Nations convened the High Level Meeting: Well-being and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm to encourage the spread of Bhutan’s GNH philosophy. At the High Level meeting, the first World Happiness Report was issued. Shortly afterward, the 20 March was declared to be International Day of Happiness by the UN.With over 70 percent of its land to be kept under forest reservation, its philosophy of Gross National Happiness you will not find another country like Bhutan.

The friendly locals are most welcoming and hospitable to guests although they might seem a little shy at first. You will instantly feel at peace with the tranquil environment, no traffic lights and an entertaining night life gaining popularity with the younger population. Bhutan has something to offer for each and every visitor. Although you will not find tall skyscrapers, designer malls or a developed public transport, its quaintness is an attraction on its own. The traditional houses and buildings, the simple lifestyles of the locals and quiet villages will leave you mesmerized.